Middle schoolers are social creatures, and sometimes schoolwork doesn’t give them quie enough of the enrichment they need academically and socially.  What can homeschoolers do as enrichment activities to further their education?

One thing parents often overlook is the contribution that art and music make on a growing child’s brain.   Even in middle school, kids need a chance to explore their artistic, creative side too.  With that in mind, art classes, music lessons, and drama clubs are excellent choices for homeschoolers.   Both individual and team sports are also important.

In addition, parents can easily find ways to enrich the academic side of homeschooling by supplementing their regular curriculum with additional media resources, hands-on experiences, and learning activities.  Field trips are a great idea!  Book learning is no fun all the time, so shake things up a bit and come at difficult concepts from a different angle to drive home the point.  If the same material is presented in several different ways, it’s more likely to make sense to a child.

Enrichment activities don’t have to be complicated, just activities that can help give some depth and understanding to an otherwise mundane school lesson, and to get them involved with other kids.  Chess club, volunteering at a local hospital, and scouting programs all serve as enrichment activities, but there are so many more!

6th Grade Extracurricular Activities

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