Most public school kids don’t start to learn a foreign language until high school, and while some private schools start earlier, the subject of foreign language is definitely something that homeschooling can benefit a great deal.  As a homeschooler, your child can start the formal study of another language as early as you’d like, choosing what program you use, and adding resources like foreign language games. While the kids at your local high school are struggling through beginning French, your kids may have mastered it and now have more time for other subjects.

Latin is a wonderful base to start from when you’re a beginning foreign language student.  Many words in our own language, and especially in the medical professions, have Latin roots.  Understanding Latin will definitely help you understand medical terminology.  Knowing some Latin also helps tremendously with learning the “romance languages” of French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, which are also based on many Latin basics.

Recognizing Latin word roots helps broaden a child’s vocabulary in general, and this shines through in their writing ability.  Good writers utilize a wide range of vocabulary in their work.   Vocabulary skills also help with the SAT, ACT, and other tests necessary for college admission and success.  The study of Latin will help to round out a student’s education and pay off in ways a sixth grader could only imagine!

6th Grade Latin

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