A little more on social studies. I know it is the middle of the summer, and that most people are considering moving on to the next grade. We home school all year long, so our school years tend to just run together. Some subjects we are doing 6th grade, some subjects we are doing 7th, some subjects, well, lets just say we might not be on level.

Social studies is one of those subjects where we are on a different level. Last time, remember I said that we kind of skipped the Revolutionary War, and then kind of skimmed the Civil War? Well, social studies in 6th grade in our homeschool curriculum is a lot of different points in history.

I really like this approach better than a whole year of the same event. First of all, if it is a period of history that I don’t care for, or my daughter doesn’t care for, we know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are going to get to finish that section and move on to something else.

I especially like that our 6th grade social studies mentions the ancient Hebrew civilization, Rome, and civilizations of Islam. It is obvious that studying the historical significance of these three civilizations might help lend understanding to the current events that we see on the news.

6th grade social studies

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