Have you talked to your 6th grader about safety lately? I did, because I had to leave my child alone for longer than she had been left alone before. I’m not talking over night or anything so drastic, I’m talking three hours.

I shouldn’t play down the short amount of time, because anything could happen in three hours. And from there my mind goes into all kinds of scenarios.

When our kids get to this age, we sometimes forget that they need reminding about what is safe behavior. Part of that is because we taught them early about stranger danger, and not playing with matches. When they were young we taught them street safety for kids and internet safety for kids. You know, holding hands to cross the street, and not giving out their personal information over the phone or internet.

We taught them about not answering the door while we are in the shower, and about not sticking things in electrical plugs.

Once we were confident that they had those lessons, most of us didn’t feel the need to re-teach those lessons unless something has happened. But our 6th graders need to be reminded of all of those things and more. Safety issues become even more important when your child is of an age where they are not within hand’s reach or under constant supervision. And some of the rules change as they get older. I realized this the other day when my twelve year old asked if she could use the stove. I had never changed that rule from when she was two, and the knobs were off of the front of the stove to prevent accidental burns.

Just go over the safety basics again. Change rules where age makes a difference. It can’t hurt anything to just bring a few things up in casual conversation. I felt better after I did it and you might, too!

6th graders and safety

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