Are all 6th graders caught between being little kids and big kids? I guess that is why they call them “tweens”. I noticed when we were looking for Christmas presents this past Christmas season that my daughter frantically looked at toy catalogs, and was almost obsessive about visiting the toy departments or toy stores. But when I would ask her for hints, she had a hard time telling me what she wanted from the toy store.

She also looked at the jewelry catalogs and jewelry counters, admiring the “shineys” but when asked which items she liked she didn’t have a lot of suggestions there either. Before you start feeling too sorry for her, know that she received gifts abundantly. It was just harder for her to make hints, and harder for us, as parents to come up with the presents that were going to make a great impact.

I’ve noticed that in other things she seems to be caught between being a little girl, and being a young lady. She doesn’t really care about trendy clothes, but she has unrealistic expectations about what she wants her hair to look like. She is like this in school also. Some subjects, she is ready to tackle more advanced work, bored with the grade offering in that subject. Others, she probably needs to back up two grades to be comfortable.

I wonder if she is supposed to be comfortable with the subjects or if she is supposed to be equally “tween-ish” in everything.

6th graders–children or youth?

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