I said I had a lot of excuses for not giving my child more freedom, for holding the reins too tight…and I do.

I have an only child. My pregnancy with her was life threatening, for both of us. There was a great deal of drama surrounding her birth and first months of life. For most of her life to date, we lived in a suburban area, with close packed houses, and four (count that again) four registered sex offenders within an unacceptable radius of our home. Even at 10 or 11 years old I did not allow her in the front yard unattended, or to go to the car to retrieve some item she forgot there without me at least checking on her. Did I mention that every person in the house is at least 1st degree black belt?

I have a 110 pound livestock guardian dog whose sole purpose in life is to follow my daughter around. He sleeps at the foot of her bed. We call him “the speed bump“. His job is to slow down any would be home intruder and protect my daughter, home, and property. (Ok, I don’t even want to talk about the amount of dog hair I clean up on a regular basis, maybe we should have gotten a toy poodle!)

Am I overprotective? Yep!

In our new home, 2 states away, (which we are still not quite settled into, yet) it is quite rural, everyone who lives around us is family or lifelong family friends. But everything is new and different. We are looking for new home school friends. We are looking for new church friends. Every thing is new and different.

And I am supposed to let her have more freedom because she is in 6th grade. Yeah, well, I’m working on it!

Allowing her freedom, who me?

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