In many families, the kids know more about technology than their parents!  So much of our lives is handled through computers these days, from scheduling our days to storing family photos, that it’s no wonder a vast array of options for homeschooling has developed utilizing computers.

Kids seem to take to technology like it’s the easiest thing in the world, so it’s no hardship for them to use computers in their education.  There are several publishers that market CD-ROM programs with everything you need for a given grade.  The student can sit at the computer and work almost completely on their own.

Of course, the parent will still need to help out, particularly if the child finds a particular concept difficult, but by middle school, many students work well independently.  Homeschooling parents can also choose to supplement their homeschool curriculum with other materials of their choosing, as needed.  This is a great option for parents of multiple children or those homeschooling with a baby or toddler who also needs their time.

Websites for kids abound that can help with a particular concept, such as those sites that offer math games or online flashcards.  Even websites that look like nothing but fun can also have an educational component.  It helps with visual and spatial skills too!  By middle school, they can type their essays and papers on the computer, learning typing if the haven’t already.

Computer Use in Middle School

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