I told you last time I would share what I discovered when I asked my fellow home schooling moms what they used and why with regards to science curriculum.

One mom, who has a 7th grader, suggested two of the distance “university” , Christian based curricula. Now, before I go on, let me tell you that we do not home school for religious reasons, though we do not have a problem with religion. In fact, we do foster religion in our home. The biggest problem that I had with that mom’s suggestion is that the science follows a religious agenda that indicates that the world is much younger than science would indicate. Additionally, the theory of evolution is completely absent from the curriculum. Hmm…I need my daughter’s education to be as complete as possible, so neither of these will work for us.

Another mom was horrified when I mentioned that I was considering the text books that the area public school were using. Why, she asked, would I use books that “they” used? Wasn’t the reason we home schooled, to keep our children from being indoctrinated by the local government run education system? What?!

Ok, I don’t even know what to say to that…

Curriculum…what are you gonna do?

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