We have one family e-reader for our family to share. That doesn’t seem like a problem right? After all, there are only 3 of us, and one of “us” is a 6th grader. I can tell you that at some point, when we can get around the budgetary constraints, there will be another e-reader in our house!

Let me tell you about what we discovered. My daughter has been a reader since she was three. This is an awesome thing. At some point reading “bigger” books or older books is a challenge, and I think she got a large charge out of being a little kid, and reading a book above her grade level. But something happened around the beginning of 6th grade for her. She would look at the book size, and become intimidated that the books were sometimes in excess of 500 pages.

It is not that she couldn’t read the words, or understand the concepts. That was not the problem. The problem was that the sheer size of the book became an emotional obstacle to ever starting the book. Enter the e-reader. It is the same size, regardless of the book you are reading on it, so an 80 page magazine is exactly the same physical size as a 600 page novel.

This has made such a huge difference in the size of the novels she wants to read. In fact, size has become a non-issue. She has no idea how big a copy of Eldest is in hardcover, but she loved the book and is eager for the next book in the series. In light of this development, I have to wait my turn for use of our e-reader, and I‘m not sure that it is coming any time soon!!.

E-readers and reading

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