Are you having a hard time figuring out what to buy your child for Christmas? You are not alone. It seems the older kids get, the harder it can be to buy for them. Music, clothes, and electronics are usually safe and sure to please options, but not very educational. Even though it is Christmas, that doesn’t mean you have to leave learning at the door. There are tons of fun educational gifts, which your sixth grader will love. If electronics is the way you want to go, why not include some educational games or apps for their device? You can also give puzzles, model cars/ boats, building kits, etc., that they can put together. Let’s not forget science kits! They are always a fun gift idea. Books are also an easy and affordable way to go. You could even give books by homeschoolers. Art supply’s are also good choices. The list could go on an on (; Happy Holidays!

Educational Gift ideas

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