I’m going to mention a little bit more about my daughter’s spelling. I don’t think that she spells on a 6th grade level, but I only have to compare her to a couple of children in our home school group. One is a 7th grader, going into 8th, excellent speller, excellent writer. The other is a 5th grader, going to 6th, and she is also an excellent speller. With two excellent spellers to compare my daughter to, no wonder I think she spells terribly!

We tend to work on spelling all the time. My daughter gets frustrated because spelling never seems to be a subject she can get ahead of. Week in and week out she has to work on it. There are a couple of things that we do to relieve the monotony, and I thought I would mention those this time.

My daughter loves to play learning games. The more a learning activity seems like a game the better she does at it. Spelling City, a site I already mentioned that we use has many games, and fun learning activities like find-a-word, rhyming, and keyboarding spelling games online.

The other thing that we do is word ladders. If you haven’t tried word ladders you might use them just to help keep your kid’s brain nimble during the summer months. Look them up on the internet, or check with Scholastic, they offer grade level books.

Games for spelling

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