New Years is mainly thought of as a day to celebrate, well, The New Year. I for one, have always considered it a learning opportunity. Why? Well, the reason I say January 1st is a learning opportunity, is because it is a time to reflect on the year before and think about the year to come. Every year, everyone in my family sits down together New Year’s Eve, while waiting for the ball to drop. We discuss the past year and we make our New Year resolutions. It is always fun to hear what the kids say, each year, as they get older. A few days before the Jan 1st, I like to add some fun themed activities into our lessons too. We use printable worksheets, New Year spelling list, etc. I hope everyone had a great 2014 and an even better 2015! O’ and isn’t too late to use some of these ideas this year, you still have the rest of the day (;

Happy New years!

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