For many of you, whether you home school or educate through the public or private system, the school year is coming to an end. Hopefully that means your 6th grader made it through, relatively unscathed.

Did you see great changes in your child this year? Did they start out very child like, only to finish the school year looking and acting more like the almost teenager they are becoming? Nostalgia is a great thing, and yet time marches on.

I guess that brings me to the next question I have for you and one we are going to have to consider as well. Will you continue to do school through the summer, or are you letting your child take the summer off?

When we began home schooling, we did online summer school, since where we live is miserably hot during the summer and being in the air conditioning is where we wanted to be anyway. Add to that the idea that I was not willing to let my daughter sit idle for too long. She has been likened to a border collie with no job. If you leave her idle, she digs holes in the yard, literally and figuratively!!

I would love to hear what you plan to do, and I will let you know what we plan next time. Please come back to see what we decide to do!!

Homeshooling through the summer?

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