Last time I was giving you a little history, so I will wrap that one up really quick. The whole point of the matter is that she could be really advanced academically, but because of her emotional immaturity we ran into a situation in public school where she was going to be held back, not because she couldn’t do the work, but because the school thought she would not be ready to handle second grade. The school made that decision in October.

Because of that we decided to home school. My daughter doesn’t tolerate repetition very much and she had already done most of the first grade work before the school year had even started. So, I pulled her out of public school, found a homeschool curriculum, and began our home schooling journey in January of that year. I decided to go ahead and put her in 2nd grade work,.

Because I put her in second grade work, in the beginning of a calendar year our school year is kind of all over the place. She is ahead in some subjects, behind in some subjects, but we consider her a 6th grader and let her participate in outside activities such as Sunday school, or 4H as a 6th grader.

Now that you have a little history, I will try to switch gears and deal with some truly 6th grade issues. Please join us, and feel free to comment.

Is your child doing all 6th grade work?

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