It is that time of year again! Summer vacation is over and homeschool time has begun, at least for those of us who follow the typical pubic school schedule. Starting a new school year can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Trying to get back into the homeschool “day to day routine”, can be hard on parents and kids, after having a couple of months off. What we do for the first few week is ease into the homeschooling routine a little slower. For the first few weeks, we only do lessons a few days of the week. For example: week one, would be 2-3 days, week two, would be 3-4 days, by week three, you would be up to 4-5 days. So, by week three or four, you would be back into the normal school week routine. For our family, doing this really helps making the transition from Summer Vacation to Back to School time, much smoother (;

Back to School Time!

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