While I’m thinking about reading I wanted to share one more thing with you. I know your 6th grader thinks that he is too big to be read to. I know that a lot of parents don’t read to their children anymore once they reach the age where they can read for themselves. I just wanted to share that your child might secretly like to be read to still.

Of course, at 12-ish, they would never ask you to read to them, because they are too big, too old, almost teenagers. There is something comforting about sharing things as a family. It is safe, and warm to sit down together with a good book. You gain common experiences, even if it is on a faster than light ship, deep in outer space, or a journey together across a scorching desert, things you might never experience together in real life.

It shows your child that reading is important, and a worthy undertaking. If our kids learn by the example we set, it is a good thing to model that a good book is worth the time and effort. Reading together gives you things to talk about and if your “tween” is any thing like mine, finding something to talk about that is not confrontational is worth the effort on my part. Plus, there are so many great books by homeschoolers to read.

Give it a try, and see how it works for your family!!

Just another thought on reading

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