Ok, last time I reminded you that our 6th graders still need us, and that we should stay close and be available. Now, I am going to give you exactly the opposite advice. And despite the fact that I look wishy-washy, I’m not, really!

We need to give our 6th graders a strong, safe haven to return to should they need it. The family and home might not look like something they need, but if they need it, that haven has to be there.

At the same time, we have to let the reins loosen a bit. If we hold on too tight, and don’t allow them more freedom to make choices then they will resent our control. That means that they could run the other direction, instead of home, should problems arise.

I’m having a particular problem with this one. While I can speak to this freedom on a philosophical level, I have trouble putting this “letting go” thing into practice. I have excuses, really I do…

Letting go…or not

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