Math. Did you know that I am better at math now than I was throughout my entire schooling experience, including college? It’s true, and it is all because of my 6th grader.

Because I always had trouble with math, I decided I didn’t want my child to have trouble. We have kept a slow and steady pace in math, making sure that she understands concepts before we move on. In teaching her, I have improved my own math skills.

There is something to be said for being the teacher. You must understand the concept better than you would in everyday life to teach it. I have done a lot of brushing up and practice on math to make sure that I can explain it.

Sixth graders are at a point in their education where they could benefit from this as well. Sometimes it is a good thing to have your child teach a concept back to you. Most 6th graders have good enough language skills to be able to make a mini-lecture, or presentation, even if it is just to parents and siblings, or their home school group.

Your 6th grader will learn more than just the concept they will be teaching. He will learn how to organize materials, research, and make a presentation. He will learn to interact with an audience, and hopefully overcome that bit of stage fright that comes when children become aware of how they appear to others (right around 6th grade!).

Consider letting your child be the teacher on occasion and you just might see some great things happen!

Letting your 6th grader be the teacher

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