My daughter’s reluctance where writing is concerned has kind of come to a head. First of all, I can’t understand her reluctance, because writing is what I do for a living. How can she not LOVE to write?! So, in an effort to reconcile our differences here, we are implementing a series of steps to hopefully bring her closer to my point of view! (I know, it’s wrong, I should be more flexible…yeah..ok!)

We are trying different things to make writing more pleasant. The first is to make writing more comfortable physically. We have invested in a couple of fountain pens. If you have ever written with a fountain pen, you know that if you let the nib rest too long in one spot, a large ink blob forms. This means it has a kind of built in timer, keep the nib moving, or lift it off the paper, otherwise you leave big spots of ink, evidence of hesitation or distraction.

Additionally, you have to hold the pen at the right angle, and apply the right amount of force so that the ink will flow smoothly. This keeps my daughter from pressing too hard, or holding the pen strangely.

By using her “special pen” I get more cooperation when it comes to asking for an essay writing assignment, so whether the cause is psychological, or physical, the fountain pen is helping to get her to agree to at least try to type.

Make writing a special event

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