If you’re a homeschooling parent of middle school children, encouraging physical activity and cutting down on sedentary behaviors is of paramount importance.  As long as you’re minimizing how much TV they watch, and “screen time” in general, you’re on the right track.

If you’re looking for a more formal physical education program, you can sometimes find homeschool gym classes in your community.  They usually meet for an hour or two per week, and often involve group sports like soccer or basketball, and games such as kickball, flag football, and tag.  The kids can also benefit from the use of the facility where the classes are held, like playing on the soccer field, running on an indoor track or using a climbing wall or indoor pool, for example.  Check with your local YMCA, parks and recreation department, or community rec center for these types of homeschool gym classes.

Another option for getting your child some exposure to organized sports would include things like football, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, and so many other team sports.  Many towns have softball teams for kids, or bowling, or any number of other options.   Just because they’re homeschooled doesn’t mean they need to miss out on sports and fun!

Middle School Sports

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