Only a small minority of homeschool parents have backgrounds in music. So how do those of us without musical talent teach our kids about music? Many parents choose to enroll their child in music classes or piano lessons, not at all unlike what their public school counterparts would do. You don’t have to be a homeschooler to do many of these things.

There are some music programs for the middle school age range that let kids experience music, like voice lessons or participating in a choir or chorus. While expensive, most children really love these classes, where they learn about rhythm and moving with the beat. Even singing in the church choir can add some musical exposure to your child’s education. There are even homeschool band programs out there, very similar to what public school kids enjoy in their band classes. There are also some fun music games, that your kids can play.

But if you’d rather take a do-it-yourself approach, just playing a variety of types of music for your kids is a great start. Kids who are exposed to all types of music appreciate music more than kids who only listen to their favorites on an MP3. When you get in the car, play a different CD each time. You can check out music CDs from the library so your kids can hear classical, reggae, Celtic music, and maybe even songs sung in a foreign language. If you throw in a few short sentences where you explain to the kids what they’re hearing, or perhaps a little about the artist or time period the music is from, it’s more like a school lesson. All these little bits of music exposure add up to some real learning!

Music for Middle Schoolers

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