One of the problems we have experienced in schooling my daughter is that she is really smart. (I know, I know…every kid is smart to their parents!) And why would that be a problem you ask? Well, stay tuned and I’ll tell you!

One of the things we found when my daughter started kindergarten was that academically she was far ahead of where she was in her maturity. We faced a lot of impulsiveness, and outbursts, and impatience. At the same time she was unwilling to do what they asked her to do in school because she had already done that work at home. Little did I know that this was a precursor to what we would face throughout lower elementary school.


So, but the end of kindergarten we had finally gotten her to agree to do some of the schoolwork. Because we had her engaged, I decided to go ahead and start 1st grade work right away. Instead of giving her the summer off and having to coax her into complying again, when first grade started, we just did online summer school. Boy, was that ever a mistake! Or maybe not, I guess it depends on your point of view.

Tell you more next time!

On why we homeschool our 6th grader

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