Writing is one of those subjects that she is just not comfortable with her grade level. Her mind thinks higher than 6th grade, but her penmanship and spelling are much closer to 4th grade than 6th grade. Some education resources would call her a reluctant writer, and a reluctant speller.

I call her just plain difficult and hard headed! That being said, I know that she can write, because I have written the paragraphs she dictates. I have been wondering for a while if I should have her tested or evaluated for dysgraphia. Our pediatrician is unwilling or unable to consider this as a diagnosis, but from the things I read about dysgraphia, my daughter seems to have a number of the symptoms.

She complains that writing actually hurts her hand and arm. Her penmanship leaves much to be desired. Not only does she not like to write, but she is so convinced that she can’t that it makes for a bad day when I ask her to write anything. This is something we are going to work on this year. I probably have let her slide too long, letting her get away with saying she can’t write. You have heard the phrase that parents should pick their battles? This just might one of the battles I must face this year.

On Writing…

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