Middle school is such a tough place to be. The kids aren’t really into the elementary stuff anymore, but definitely not ready for high school either, and middle school social lives are full of angst.  Middle school curriculum is changing too, and the easy and fun art projects of elementary school are replaced with….Well, what are they replaced with???

There are so many choices for homeschool art!  I know my sixth grader needs to do art, but I’m lost trying to figure out what to do with her.  I’ve been looking at some online art curriculum and wondering if that’ll help.  I’ve also checked out several books about art from the library, and I’m doing some reading on the matter.

Sometimes the local YMCA offers art classes for homeschooler, and often I will see them listed at the parks and recreation department too.  There are private companies that offer art lessons, and it’s a great extracurricular activity at our city’s art museum too, although a bit expensive.

I’m going to let her try a few different approaches and then re-evaluate and see what works best.  I’m optimistic that some combination of the online lessons and art books are just the compromise I’m looking for!

Sixth Grade Art for Homeschoolers

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