Choosing a homeschool curriculum for your 6th grader is a huge decision, and a very personal one.  While the available options may be very similar, each family approaches the decision differently.  Your perspective may be influenced by the circumstances of how your children have been educated in the past.  Maybe you’re pulling your child out of a troubled public school system with a substandard curriculum, or your spouse lost their job and suddenly expensive private school is out of reach.   People have varied reasons for homeschooling, and especially during the middle school years, kids are old enough to have some input.

One option for families leaving public school is commonly referred to as “e-school”.  This is basically a public school curriculum done from home on a computer.  There are several private companies that each state contracts with to provide these services. Often, the state even pays for your child to have a computer at home to do the required schoolwork.   Books and other supplied are also free to you.

There are many different curricula available on the market, and most homeschoolers simply choose something that works for them.  One possibility is the curriculum-in-a-box option where the texts and workbooks for an entire grade level are bundled together.  There are also single subjects available separately.  The great part about picking and choosing your own curriculum is that you can choose a literature book from a publisher known to be strong in that subject, and a history program from a publisher respected for its history texts.  You can also have your child working at grade level in one subject and either up or down a grade in another subject, so that their curriculum is tailored to their individual needs.  Each child is different, and so their curriculum can be too!

Sixth Grade Curriculum Choices

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