By the time kids reach middle school, they often have a set group of friends they prefer to hang out with.  Can you still homeschool and let the kids have time with their friends too?

One of the biggest complaints about homeschooling that you’ll hear from folks who don’t understand it is the issue of socialization.  How can your kids socialize with their peers if they’re stuck at home all day?  They’ll grow up in isolation and their social development will be delayed.  Right?

Wrong!  Homeschooled kids are some of the busiest around.  There are so many activities available in most communities that if you did all of them, you’d never be at home to do any schoolwork.  The YMCA often offers homeschool classes, such as swimming lessons, and depending on the YMCA, they may offer even more.   Some have computers, educational games, foreign language classes for homeschoolers, even art lessons, and music lessons.  Your local community center probably has planned activities too, and these things provide time for kids to learn and interact with others.

Many homeschoolers also belong to homeschool support groups that have field trips and other activities for kids.  There are also co-op classes in many areas, where parents take turns planning the classes to be taught each week.  You can still get your kids the socialization they need in a supervised and safe way.  They don’t need to be hanging out at the mall with no parents around to have fun!


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