Last summer, due to some family issues that I just could not handle and adequately home school, I had the opportunity to see what leaving my then 5th grader idle for the summer would be like. This year, with the ongoing move looming over us, I have had to make a decision as to whether we continue to do our online summer school.

I look back at last summer, and I know, without a doubt, that my child will not sit idle this summer. I am going to opt for something like home school lite! She will have independent science studies, and she will continue with her spelling work.

I know, I haven’t even mentioned what we have been doing with spelling. Remember earlier this year I talked about writing problems? Well, poor spelling might just be part of those writing problems. Not only is my daughter a reluctant writer, she is a reluctant speller.

She convinces herself on a regular basis that she cannot spell. She really is doing better with that. I attribute her improvement in this area to many of the techniques we have incorporated to improve her spelling. I’ll just mention that Vocabulary and Spelling City have a ongoing place in our curriculum. Additionally, I think her maturity is about to catch up to her academic abilities. I’m hoping when the two of those things sync up, she is going to move faster than I can handle. Here’s to hoping!

Spelling City as part of a summer curriculum

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