Ever heard of STEM?   It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  These subjects can be difficult for the average homeschooling parent to teach, because they are so intensive and quite a few of us aren’t engineers on the side.  But these are valuable subjects and can lead to admission to excellent colleges and universities, not to mention a well paying job, so STEM is worth paying attention to.

When their kids are really young, most parents just aren’t out there looking for ways to teach them engineering skills.  But on the other hand, why not?  The basics, of course, are science and math, and those are on every homeschooling mom’s list.  There are so many science programs to choose from, but as long as you’re doing something, you can continue to get more rigorous when they get older.  By sixth grade, many kids have a definite set of likes and dislikes, and either they enjoy science, especially when it’s hands-on and involves some sort of activity, or they despise it and look for ways to get out of doing it.

Math can be tricky because it seems so abstract to kids.  Making it real and making it FUN is the key; you can accomplish this by using math games. Keep plugging away at it, because by middle school you’ve really got to be using a rigorous homeschool curriculum if you’re going to produce a future scientist or engineer.

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

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