In most places, we are getting ready to for the start of a new school year. For us, as year round home schoolers, this is just a blip on the radar. But know that if your child is getting ready to go back to school, starting the 6th grade, he or she is getting ready to embark on an epic journey!

What makes 6th grade such a monumental year? Everything!

For public school students, they will probably be switching classes for the first time. This means that instead of learning the methods, rules, and teaching style of just one teacher, they will have to learn five or six. If that is not enough of a change, 6th grade is the first grade of middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL!! For some children this is a huge step.

Sixth grade is a year full of changes. And it is one of those years where some children remain firmly seated on the child side of the line, while others leap forward and become youth.

Physical changes are happening to our kids this year, too. Their bodies are changing shapes, and with those changes come all kinds of emotional issues that they had not clue existed just a short year ago.

This school year our children need our support more than ever, and yet they are putting more space between themselves and their parents. Because it is what young ones do, as they gain independence and seek to find their place in the world. Hang in there, parents!

The new school year…

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