I’m going to step away from writing for a little bit, because I realize that not everyone who has a 6th grader has the same issue as we have at our house.

Science, now there is a topic worth discussing, at least where my daughter is concerned. She has completed her 6th grade science curriculum. Yes, I know, but the school year isn’t over yet! That didn’t seem to matter to my daughter. Her favorite subject is science, and so she zips through it, and even studies science just for fun. She is going to be a veterinarian when she gets old enough, so she says.

Our core curriculum, Time4Learning, which includes original science content through 6th grade has been a source of great enjoyment for my daughter. It is a great online homeschool curriculum, and contains more information than my daughter would be exposed to in public school. For that reason alone I love it.

The biggest problem we face now is that 7th grade science is basically a repeat of 6th grade. Because of that we are going to have to look for more science materials to feed my daughter’s hunger for all things science.

Because we home school, the first thing I did was ask my fellow home schooling moms what they used. I was amazed at the answers, and the reasons for their choices. I’ll tell you more next time!





What about science?

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