Many homeschoolers are veterans by the time their kids get to sixth grade.  But, whether you are a veteran or new to homeschooling, homeschool conferences are a great idea if you’re looking for fresh ideas, a new perspective, or a little spark of motivation.  If you belong to a homeschooling support group, either in your local area or online, you’ve probably heard about at least one homeschool conference.  They’re fairly popular events, and for good reason.  Usually a registration fee is involved, but once you gain admittance to the event, you’ll be able to hear guest speakers on a variety of homeschooling topics, and participate in workshops to help you become a better teacher.

The speakers at many of these meetings include authors of popular books on homeschooling, professionals in the field of education, and homeschooling parents who’ve enjoyed a great measure of success and are willing to share their secrets.  Just listening to some of these speakers can be a very uplifting and motivational experience, and just what a struggling homeschool family needs to jumpstart their learning again and gain a little boost.

In addition, many conferences include vendors who set up booths to sell their wares.  It’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, walking among the vendors and being able to see their homeschool curricula and other products in person before buying, or test them out, so to speak.  So often, we shop online or base our buying decisions on the recommendations of others, and it’s great to test-drive some of the products in person at a homeschool conference before shelling out your hard earned cash for them.

What are the Benefits of Attending a Homeschool Conference?

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